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Commexus Inc. is a consulting firm working with clients to manage the people and organizational dimensions of environmental change.

At Commexus we understand the complex requirements of successful environmental management. Commexus helps clients develop new perspectives and empowers them to meet the challenges of change head-on. We see our role as assisting clients to promote change in individuals, organizations and communities with practical, goal-oriented programs and projects based on solid research.

Since 1988 the partners of Commexus Inc. have been involved in planning, designing and implementing innovative and leading edge public and private sector programs focused on environmental issues such as water conservation, waste management and energy conservation.

At Commexus we know that even the best technical solutions can fail when their impact on people is overlooked. Our innovative and practical solutions focus on building commitment and getting co-operative involvement.

The Leadership Team

Barbara Anderson: Barbara has twenty-five years of experience in communications, marketing, program design and management. She has a degree in sociology and a diploma in journalism. After many years in marketing, Barbara decided to turn her talents to a field that was her particular passion, the environment.

In the early 1980’s she pioneered the first water efficient fixtures catalogue ever developed in North America as part of an effort to gain acceptance of these fixtures in Canada. Barbara worked on projects that targeted the use of water efficient fixtures in new developments in Ontario several years prior to the plumbing code change that made these fixtures mandatory. She continues to undertake leading edge projects in water conservation and waste reduction.

Barbara has particular strengths in research and assessments, frequently pinpointing the barriers to change in a community or an organization with the use of innovative assessment tools. She has adapted social sciences assessment tools for use in the environmental field.

Lucy Keating: Lucy is the co-founder of Commexus Inc. and has worked on the design and development of a wide variety of public and private sector programs across Canada. She has a degree in psychology and worked in the management consulting field prior to forming Commexus Inc..

Lucy’s specialty areas include group facilitation, community and employee engagement, communications / networking training and environmental issues training program design. She is a skilled facilitator and trainer, and has designed numerous adult training and youth education programs. She enjoys the facilitation and focus group work that is often integral to the assessment phase of a project. As well she has a technical focus and excels at managing projects that require engineering and other technical expertise.