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When change in behaviours, skills or actions is your goal, it is essential that communications, education, training, outreach and internal programs be tailored to foster people’s willingness to make that change. Commexus offers a broad range of services centered on behaviour change, knowledge building and skill development programs and projects. For more in depth details about projects and how they are developed, see the Explore Our Change Process diagram.

Target Audience Assessment

Putting programs and communications on track, and keeping them there, depends on knowing the target audience. Commexus uses assessment research to determine the current realities of your target audience, develop a comprehensive audience profile, and identify the implications of change related to your proposed initiative.

We work with you to:

Program Planning and Design

Programs reaching out to customers, staff, stakeholders, or the public, all require expert planning and design as the foundation for success. Commexus strategically plans outreach programs to ensure that goals are met and outcomes achieve client expectations and simply put, what you envisioned as the ideal outcome becomes a measurable and durable reality.

Commexus offers:

Training and Education

Whether you are moving staff toward compliance with environmental regulations or fostering environmentally responsible actions among school children, the public, or staff, education and training are core tools of change.

Hands-on, applicable programs provide not only skill development, but frequently reveal unexpected opportunities for positive change. Commexus offers a range of tailored training and education solutions involving some or all of the following elements:


Effective communication with employees, community, and stakeholders has never been more critical. Communications today are often complex, confusing and technically diverse. Commexus offers communications clarity services, including: