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Although planning a project seems an obvious step, in behaviour change projects the tools, methods, timing, and flow are critical to the outcome and must be carefully and strategically planned. Commexus planning takes into consideration not only all the information gathered in the assessment phase, but also focuses on helping clients determine goals, objectives and outcomes. With a better understanding of where you want to go, what you want to achieve as a result of the project, we are better equipped to develop a project that delivers solid results. Our planning process is outcome based and encompasses all phases of the initiative.

Behaviour change, as in any project with people at the core, requires intricate and detailed planning to ensure success. It also requires complex and often overlapping or inter-related strategies. Our unique planning format offers clients in-depth looks at every phase of the project complete with delivery timing, responsibility charts and staffing requirements for every phase of the overall project. Commexus develops planning documents in cooperation with clients rather than in isolation so you are always involved in project decisions from the inception of your program or initiative.