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With a plan and a clear vision of the change outcomes and expectations for an initiative or change strategy, we begin to develop each element of the strategy. This means creating all the pieces of programs or individual initiatives which have been selected during the overall planning process. This may include video, brochures, handbooks, manuals, school programs, advertisements and other communications tools. It may involve the development of a best practices manual, adult training programs or even by-laws or Industrial/Commercial/Institutional outreach. Development is done cooperatively with the client to select the best approach, tone and direction of each element and the various tools that will support each of the projects initiatives or programs. During the development stage of the process Commexus examines not only the outcomes and expectations identified but the budgets and limitations such as timing for an outdoor program, available resources such as staff workloads and other details that need to be considered carefully in developing the most effective elements of the program.