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The first step in any project associated with behaviour change is assessment. In simple terms you need to know exactly what people currently think, know, feel or believe about the issues or focus of the proposed project. You need to understand any potential barriers, what might get in the way of making change. As well you need to identify what will help make the change, the motivating factors. It is critical to the success of your initiative to know the starting point or the foundation on which any change project will be built.

Depending on the scope of the project we may choose to use interviews, focus groups, surveys or e-interviews. Where applicable we will examine and assess what has been done to date, literature, manuals, campaigns or other initiatives. Whatever tools we use the goal is always the same, to clearly understand the current state of mind, feelings, beliefs, values and understanding of the majority of the projects’ target audience. Knowing as much as possible about where things stand today gives us the best opportunity to build a project that garners positive response.